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"Yesterday on the beach. I think I was watching someone struggle with a surfboard and it just, I was, um, I don’t like to laugh at the misfortunes of others and we were doing it in a very good-natured way. But it was just, there was a lot of… the surf was a little stronger than this very small person with a surfboard and eventually we went to help them. But it was, it was very funny."

↳ Benedict being interviewed at SDCC 2014 x


I joined (Twitter) once under a pseudonym when the London riots were happening ‘cause I thought I wanted to get some kind of idea of what was happening on the street. It was rubbish, actually, by the end. They were saying the Electric Ballroom was burning and all these people were writing fierce comments back saying, No, no, no, that happened two years ago! If I did Tweet, I think I’d probably become dangerously obsessed by it and never pick up a book again and never really be able to do my homework and stretch myself as an actor. So I’m kind of protecting myself. It’s not because I feel it’s wrong. (x)

God… how true….and here I am, on Tumblr, doing exactly the opposite….

(Source: benedictdaily)

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